VLink is a secure, cost-effective health information exchange solution for seamlessly sharing clinical data across disparate health information systems.
With the increasing adoption of clinical information management systems and EMRs, hospital, physicians, and payors are realizing the value of sharing health information in real-time. Rather than working with faxes or adopting new, complex solutions, VLink allows physicians and their partners to securely exchange data by leveraging their existing IT systems.

With VLink, core patient data, such as demographics, diagnoses, procedures, problem lists, allergies, medications, disease and care management plans, and much more can be kept up-to-date amongst hospitals, physicians, payors, and patients.
  • Provides seamless connectivity to exising EMR and billing systems, regardless of vendor and location
  • VLink is a completely non-disruptive "bolt-on" to existing systems
  • More than a portal, VLink uses "push" technologies to distribute discrete information
  • Integration between Physician Systems and Hospital Systems
  • Service Oriented Architecture, utilizing open standards such as HL7 and CCR
  • The VLink platform is a proven solution that has been in production use for several years
Interested in learning more about VLink? Please feel free to review our website or Sign up for a webinar where you will learn more about VLink's unique technology and the benefits of interoperability.